Just start

Well, I must say I am a little bit scared now.  First of all because I just start blogging off course what don’t get me wrong scared me as hell but also because English isn’t my mother league and I hope I don’t bother all you guys who read this(uhm like zero) with my terrible English. Why I start blogging? I seriously have no idea.  I just go with the flow and write about everything that blow up in my head. What is enough to fill a couple blogs I think. My head is flooded  with stories and weird facts and things fandom’s do.  (I am in a lot of book fandom’s, NERD FIGHTER!!) I start blogging after my best friend motivate me  honestly I think she only want me to blog so that I don’t spam her with all the stories in my head haha, so now I can spam you with it. My thoughts are really weird so I just warn you already they are really obsessive, ponder, confusing and full of quotes and stories.  I hope that somebody who read this (if somebody does off course) somewhere in the big big outside world like what I write.  Isn’t it weird, there are millions and millions people on this planet and somebody, somewhere actually read what my mind want me to write.  Like in a book, a writer writes a story and thousands and thousands of people can read what kind of story the writer had in her of his head. It’s magical I think. I have like hundreds of things I want to write about but I don’t have a lot of time now. Technically I don’t even be allowed to have internet now… Well kind of a mistake school to give everybody in school free wifi isn’t it. I love that mistake.  Well I write a new blog soon, a real starters blog where I tell you some more about me. If somebody have a few ideas or something just let me know. I love everybody who read this already, I mean really really thank you for reading this!!! Write you wonderful people soon 🙂



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