facts about me


Well I promised you guys yesterday a blog with some more information about myself. First of all a fact that some of you already noticed I think. I love no I adore books. The Hunger games,Divergent, The fault in our stars, the shatter me series, the mortal instruments, Percy Jackson,Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, Matched, Vampire Academic , I don’t think I am able to tell you all my fandom’s without forgetting some but all right I going to try so move on with Lunar Chronicles, Delirium, The testing, Legend, Darkness rising ,Gone, Enders, The Chemical Garden, Pittacus lore, The Iron Frey, Soulmates, The fame Game, Fallen, Firelight, Game of Thrones, Hush Hush, The raven boys ow serious I don’t think this are all of them… I also love Disney specially Rapunzel, Lilo&Stitch and Peter Pan.  The Disney magic is a wonderful thing, I want to see Disney land sometime, this summer I am going to Paris but I am not allowed to go to Disney land grrr. My music list is for a big part form songs out movies from my favorite books , a lot of Youtubers and R5.  On tv most of the series I follow are detectives  and fantasy.  Books, music and Disney I think if you want to simply describe my life that are the words you need. Writing, reading and singing are a big part of my life  to (my singing and specially my dancing are terrible by the way.) I have a lot of friends and a big family who is my amazing Ohana.  I don’t know what to tell about myself uhm well I went skydiving when I was fourteen and bungee jumping when I was fifteen and next year I hope to do a gap year in a other country and be a exchange student (so this is a practice your English blog??).  Well if I told before this year I am going to Paris, a week. So exciting for it I am like a rabbit on the energy (I don’t like energy by the way).  Further I never came out my home county here in Europe, I live a few miles from a border so that country doesn’t count because I see that as my home country as well. Argh always is my head full of stories and now I have a blog I doesn’t know what to tell you guys. What a wonderful sad and sick irony.  Alright I give it up for today some more facts about me soon but first I am going to tell you more about books or quotes or stories don’t know for sure in what kind of direction.  My blog is very boring on the moment know haha sorry guys. Bye bye wonderful people write you soon, hope a little bit more interesting then.


Just start

Well, I must say I am a little bit scared now.  First of all because I just start blogging off course what don’t get me wrong scared me as hell but also because English isn’t my mother league and I hope I don’t bother all you guys who read this(uhm like zero) with my terrible English. Why I start blogging? I seriously have no idea.  I just go with the flow and write about everything that blow up in my head. What is enough to fill a couple blogs I think. My head is flooded  with stories and weird facts and things fandom’s do.  (I am in a lot of book fandom’s, NERD FIGHTER!!) I start blogging after my best friend motivate me  honestly I think she only want me to blog so that I don’t spam her with all the stories in my head haha, so now I can spam you with it. My thoughts are really weird so I just warn you already they are really obsessive, ponder, confusing and full of quotes and stories.  I hope that somebody who read this (if somebody does off course) somewhere in the big big outside world like what I write.  Isn’t it weird, there are millions and millions people on this planet and somebody, somewhere actually read what my mind want me to write.  Like in a book, a writer writes a story and thousands and thousands of people can read what kind of story the writer had in her of his head. It’s magical I think. I have like hundreds of things I want to write about but I don’t have a lot of time now. Technically I don’t even be allowed to have internet now… Well kind of a mistake school to give everybody in school free wifi isn’t it. I love that mistake.  Well I write a new blog soon, a real starters blog where I tell you some more about me. If somebody have a few ideas or something just let me know. I love everybody who read this already, I mean really really thank you for reading this!!! Write you wonderful people soon 🙂